Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Michael Moore: Exclusive HuffPost Live Chat - Media on The Huffington Post

Michael Moore: Exclusive HuffPost Live Chat - Media on The Huffington PostMichael Moore's live chat answering questions from the public on Huffington Post in regard to Our Corrupted Health Care System..with some great links provided by Michael as to how you can help yourself and get involved..with nearly 500 other posts from We The People..


Anonymous said...


Thanks for putting some meat on this issue's bones. I brought up the FedSoc Conspiracy some time ago and I really believe there are people who have begun asking questions. There is no question as to the perversion of their agenda, especially considering the low key manner of their birth.

Were they to be exposed to significant scrutiny I am certain that real charges of Conspiracy to Subvert the Constitution would result. As we know, part of their strategy is to operate in unprecedented territory, believing that no Democrat would go there. They are as Wrong as they can be! Democrats Don't WANT to go there any more than any other Friend of Democracy. But, they will, and with a vengeance, when pressed and come to see the destruction the FedSoc has promoted in the Land of the Free.

The United States IS the Rule of Law, without which no civil society can exist! That's why I'm convinced that there is serious "Foreign" influence in the group, possibly Israeli. But, I'd hope not.

Whatever it is, it must stop, and be stopped it will as long as Warriors of Liberty exist.



TJ Colatrella said...

Thank you for your reply but you put in under a different story here..

I don't believe we can blame any foreign power for the Federalist Society plot against our Republic they are all ours as disgraceful as that may be..