Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AlterNet: Health & Wellness: The Best Health Care Is Reserved for Congress

AlterNet: Health & Wellness: The Best Health Care Is Reserved for Congress A great important article by Don Sloan chapter 2 of his Practicing Medicine without a License..! The Corporate Takeover of Health Care in America..

I have experienced this myself when after Bush got his hands involved in My Health Care the Insurance company cut me off from my prostrate medicine and tried to force me onto one that had bad side effects for me and there is no Generic for my medication prescribed by a board certified Urologist, either so these crooks from Texas where else were literally practicing medicine and prescribing medicine with examining me that was designed for women not 55 year old Italian American men..I begged Senator Clinton's office for help but they showed no what's new, she's a Corporate Democrat sellout shill herself, and takes more money from these ghouls that any other candidate of either corrupt party..! So I now get no medication for my prostrate and am for the most part even more homebound.. I also even though I have both Medicare and Medicaid can't get into any orthopedic even though I have multiple serious orthopedic injuries back broken neck fractured, hips out of alignment plus to bone cancer operations..!

Read this important article and remember that what's good for The Ruling Class, is too good for you or your family and the rest of us..! Congress, The President and Vice President which ever branch of government he's apart of today, all get Single Payer Health Care..!

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