Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Teddy Kennedy: "Draw the Line" / John Edwards '08 Blog

Teddy Kennedy: "Draw the Line" / John Edwards '08 Blog Edwards Blog site being run by Republican interlopers and sycophants..! Sadly we see that even the would be populist Democratic candidate allows Republicans to run his blog site and attack and obfuscate any hard hitting issue any supporter raises..It is typical Rove strategy and perhaps even being run out of his White House internet brown shirt brigade, never address the subject at hand but attack whoever is quoted..and re-direct the entire point of the post..!

They concentrated this tactic on me and now I am no longer allowed to post at the Edwards Blog site, as the first time any Republican raises an objection or creates a phony issue in typical Democrat fashion, rather then telling them to stick it go to hell, they cave in fold and sell out Free Speech and those who are most loyal to our Constitution and our system of government these Republican Corporate Fascists are destroying....This post is a good example of how Edwards is allowing Republicans and right wingers to run and censor his web-site, if he can't stand firm and fight back on his own site or support hose who do, how can he fight and stand up against them once and if office or during the general election...Read the post by this great blogger Karita Hummer and then see how Rove's hit squad immediately moves in to re-direct the topic and she no doubt will be the next to be banned and sold out by this populist lite Candidate..and his spineless associates..

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